Terms of Sale

Dahlia Tuber Sales Terms

Dahlia tubers are available for purchase starting in December. Sales continue through mid-May or until stock is depleted. Sales are for a single tuber (occasionally two tubers together), not a clump. All tubers are grown here on the farm, no "re-sale" tubers are offered. We offer a wide selection of tubers which, to the best of our knowledge, are true to name and disease-free. Our farm is inspected yearly for pests and diseases by the Washington Department of Agriculture. All tubers are guaranteed to have at least one live eye (sprout) which will be circled, or is sprouted. Customers receive one free tuber, named, with each 6 ordered (our choice). We cannot add to orders after they have been placed, as we assemble your order in the order in which it is received.

Shipping Rates (within USA only)

  • up to $14.99 = $8.00
  • $15 to 49.99 = $11.00
  • $50 to $99.99 = $18.00
  • over $100 = $24.00

Good Scents Flowers will ship dahlia tuber orders beginning April 1st, via USPS Priority. Orders will be shipped in the order received, except that warmer-weather states will be prioritized, weather permitting.

Payment Methods

Good Scents Flowers accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as well as PayPal. Cancellations incur a 20% restocking fee.

Guarantee and Terms of Sale

Tuber failure: Good Scents Flowers guarantees our dahlia tubers to have and active eye, circled or sprouted, be true to name, and free from disease at planting. Please inspect your order upon arrival and if you have any concerns please contact us within 7 days about receiving a replacement. After this, the tubers are your responsibility; we cannot be responsible for customer negligence, weather conditions, rodent or insect damage, winter storage or failure to follow planting instructions. NO CASH REFUNDS.

Plant your tubers as soon as your soil is 55-60 degrees. Add snail bait at this time (Sluggo). Meanwhile, keep your tubers at 50 to 60 degrees in their bags with the slightly moist peat. Do not add water unless very dry, then you may spritz with a few drops of water to prevent shriveling. We can't guarantee tubers that have been potted up, put on heated benches, or used for cuttings, as this stresses the tuber. 

Your tuber should emerge from soil within 3-5 weeks of planting; if not please dig it up and inspect it.  If you can't see the problem (snail damage, rot, freezing, etc) take a picture and send it to us. Don’t throw tuber away until you contact us. Sometimes the tubers just don't grow. We understand this is frustrating. It is to us too; such is Mother Nature! Please contact us via email if you are having problems. We might be able to help. We want you to be successful and have a beautiful and abundant crop of flowers! 

We reserve the right to request the return of any failed dahlia, or photo of it, before replacements will be made. Replacements of the same variety will be sent the following spring at no charge. NO CASH REFUNDS for non-growth of tuber.

Variety loss on our part: In the event of a crop failure of the tuber you ordered, you will be contacted with a choice of a cash refund or a replacement variety before your order is sent. No substitutions will be made without your permission.

Planting: We want you to be happy with your purchase and enjoy the fabulous beauty of a healthy plant! We recommend looking at sustainable and organic dahlia growing sites online for cultivation information if you would prefer not to use chemicals on your plants.

A few important reminders:

  • Do not plant outside until the soil is 60 degrees or more.
  • Plant the tuber on it's side 4" to 6" deep in a sunny spot for best blooms.
  • Don’t plant in commercial bagged potting soils with fertilizer added (this can kill your tuber!)
  • Use organic slug bait when tubers are planted, don't wait to see slugs.
  • Don’t water tuber until leaves appear.
  • Spray Neem every few weeks (available at the big box stores or online) if any disease or pests are seen, this is a natural oil from the Neem tree. It doesn't kill pests, but makes the leaves unpalatable. It helps deter aphids and thrips, common pests that can spread virus. No other pesticides or herbicides. Weed by hand if needed.
  • Stake tall varieties at planting time.