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Cafe Au Lait

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5" full, long lasting blooms, pale shades of apricot and pink, strong stems, a classic for wedding work. 4' plant.

Shipping Rates (within USA only)

1 to 3 tubers = $5.00

4 to 8 tubers = $8.00

9 to 19 tubers = $15.00

20+ tubers = $20.00

Care Instructions

We want you to be happy with your purchase and enjoy the fabulous beauty of a healthy plant! We recommend looking at sustainable dahlia growing sites online for cultivation information if you would prefer not to use chemicals on your plants.

A few important reminders:

◆ Do not plant outside until the soil is 55 degrees or more.

◆ Use organic slug bait when tubers are planted.

◆ Don’t water tuber until leaves appear.

◆ Spray Neem (available at the big box stores) if any disease or pests are seen, this is a natural oil from the Neem tree.